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What Is the Purpose of Microsites?

In addition to having primary websites, numerous companies set up primitive pages that we know as microsites. These are small, low-key websites that have rudimentary functions and a simple purpose — they capture leads and sell. On the other hand, full websites deliver content, market brands, educate users about products, and finally offer support to their customers. In the following text, we’ll discuss the purpose of microsites in more detail.

Focused Content and Specific Audiences

The focus of microsites is on a specific product or subject. In other words, they generate leads for users looking to learn a certain skill like guitar lessons or groups that want to buy something special like noiseless earbuds. We can, therefore, say that they hyper-target a niche audience.

Nevertheless, it’s not just about generating leads. Companies can use their microsites to generate sales too. As such, it’s not uncommon to come across marketers that create sites to offer free trials and low-cost selling.

Another purpose of microsites is to eliminate any distractions. By doing so, they help users focus solely on conversions. There are no such things as articles, blogs, company information, updates, or similar content on these pages. Low-key sites are all about focus. You either read about the product and buy it or leave.

Additional Microsite Benefits

Microsites are perfect for tracking online marketing campaigns such as pay-per-click, display, or email advertisements. The thing is, these ad pages can only hurt conversions and lead users in the wrong direction when they are located on primary sites.

Furthermore, microsites help with highlighting certain products, unlike lengthy catalogs where users can easily lose interest. Just ask yourself, how many times have you left a website due to too much content that didn’t allow you to find what you were looking for in a few clicks. Well, proper microsites don’t do that to their users.

What About Design?

Even if they have simple functions, microsite design is still very much important. After all, user experience dictates conversions. Therefore, the design of a created microsite should pay close attention to everything from website credibility, the value of the offer, and the author/company’s authority.

To improve conversions and profitability, microsite design should include short videos, well-placed opt-in boxes, correct font color, etc. All these seemingly unimportant elements will have a huge impact on the desired target audience. So, if you’re looking to market a specific campaign successfully, you should definitely invest in design.

Set Up Your Microsite With Rise Local

If you’re looking to target a market and up your profits, you’ll need to compete with others. Setting up microsites for your specific products is definitely the way to go. But don’t worry — you don’t have to do it on your own. You can always team up with Rise Local. Our marketing experts will take care of all the website building for you, at a very affordable price. Contact us any day of the week, and let’s get to work.

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