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Use Phone Photography to Elevate your Website

Photos are a key component of any business’ website. Although written content is very important for increasing website traffic and SEO, crisp images are what keep potential customers engaged with your website. Investing in a professional photographer can be costly for small businesses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture impressive images yourself. Technology is constantly improving, and so is the ability to take better website photos on your phone. Rise Local has listed some tips and tricks to improve your phone photography! Now, you can take photos using your phone that look professional– elevating your online presence. 

Natural Lighting

Lighting quality will make or break an image. A phone’s lens is very small, so it’s incapable of taking in a lot of light. Therefore, the images turn out blurry when it’s too dark. This is something even pros with thousands of dollars worth of equipment struggle with. We get it. That’s why we recommend taking pictures in the daytime. Natural light is the best kind of lighting. You will immediately notice that your photos look crisper. 

You should also invest in reflectors. These tools will let you take great pictures indoors as well. The reflectors will bounce light onto your subject and soften or diffuse the light. Just don’t place your subject in front of too much light or it’ll create a silhouette. Try having the person face the light source, or use flash to illuminate their face when they face away from it. Just be careful. Too much flash can overexpose your image, which means that some areas will be unappealing and difficult to see. Generally, the flash on smartphones is subtle enough that this won’t be an issue. 

Off-Center Composition

Composition is how various elements are arranged in a photo. The most common composition standard is “the rule of thirds.” The image is broken down into thirds vertically and horizontally. This results in nine pieces and four gridlines in total. Keep important elements along the gridlines and the intersections to create an appealing composition. If you have an iPhone, you can turn the grids on in camera settings. 

Most importantly, always make sure that the subject is in focus. Get rid of clutter in the background that takes up space without adding value to the image. Solid walls are a great background for keeping the subject in focus. Also, if you need a closer shot of the subject, walk closer instead of using zoom. This will help prevent the image from blurring. 

Rear-Facing Camera

Although selfies are very popular, they are not the greatest quality. Whenever possible, use the rear-facing camera on your phone. These images come out tremendously cleaner.

Camera Modes for Phone Photography

Your phone most likely comes with different camera modes, especially if you own an iPhone. Take advantage of these different techniques. Portrait mode is perfect for taking headshots of your employees. Pan mode can take photos suitable for website headers, meanwhile, you can use the standard photo setting for general images. Another tip is to turn your phone sideways when taking pictures. You need landscape-oriented images for website headers and feature images. These wide-framed images will better fill laptop, tablet, and desktop screens. You can get more information in these images just by taking a step back.

Pose Your Subject

If you are taking pictures of people, make sure that they don’t look awkward when posing. Many stock photos have subjects who are obviously posing, and this looks ingenuine. Position your employees or customers in ways that look natural and fun. The more authentic your images and subjects look, the more likely a potential customer will trust your business.

Invest in a Tripod

It can be hard to capture clear images, especially when you shoot for a long time. Your arms get tired, and it’s hard to focus on other factors when you are too busy concentrating on steading yourself. A tripod comes in handy and is perfect for phone photography. It is very easy to use and ensures that your phone stays still when capturing the photos, which results in clearer images.

Team Up with Rise Local

If you want to improve your website’s design, photos are essential. Go the extra mile and impress your customers with authentic images. If you would like some more guidance on how to improve your website’s images or to schedule a professional shoot, get in touch with Rise Local today. We offer professional photography for small businesses at an affordable price. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us at any time.

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