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The Winning SEO Playbook– Annihilate Your Competitor’s in 4 Simple Steps

The key to winning the SEO game is understanding your opponents (competitors), fans (buyers), and the game’s rules (Google’s SEO guidelines). Once you do, you can create the perfect playbook so you know what it takes to thrill your fans and come out victorious. Today, Rise Local is sharing four simple things you should consider while strategizing so you can wipe out the competition on local search results pages. Welcome to the only SEO playbook you’ll ever need.

Marketing is about the customer

The first thing you need to consider is your customer. Understand who they are, what problem they need help resolving, and how they want to be spoken to. It’s important to note that your primary customer might not be who you expect, so keep an open mind and listen to what paying customers are saying. In other words, do market research. 

You may also need to reconsider if your branding and messaging connect with buyers. While it’s great to talk with enthusiasts who know about the industry and exactly what they want, those people aren’t usually willing to pay someone else to do what they already can. Instead, you might be working with people who are interested but rely on your services and knowledge to get them started. 

Your target market probably isn’t rocket scientists or data nerds, so don’t talk to them like they are. Humans are emotional creatures. Build a human connection with them and sell them on what your product can do for them, rather than the numbers and research behind it. That stuff will be important later, but when you’re trying to capture exploratory searches, you need to write and publish about things novices actually know to search. Later, you can feel free to educate them– just make sure you’re giving them the simplified version so they don’t feel like a fish out of water. 

Define your customer

We’ve already talked about this a bit, but we can’t emphasize the importance of understanding your customers enough. You can’t market to your dream customer if you don’t know who they are. Get out of the mindset where you’re thinking about every job you will take and start thinking about the jobs you want to take. Oftentimes, this is the first step to finding clients that will pay good money for your services and that you’ll actually enjoy working with. Once you identify your target market, you can make buyer personas, allowing you to make more strategic marketing decisions. This also makes it easier to carefully craft your SEO website copy to resonate with viewers (and get more sales). 

Don’t forget to do your research while you’re figuring all of this out though! The best clients for business might not be who you think. Review analytics, do some research, and ask for other industry professionals’ suggestions in forums.

For example, you may be starting an interior design company in downtown Dallas expecting to furnish huge homes in gated communities, and your demographic is 30-50-year-old women with husbands and children. However, you might not have considered that downtown Dallas has more luxury apartments and commercial spaces than gated communities. After doing some research, you may decide to decorate hotels, corporate offices, boutiques, or even work with a real estate agency to stage apartments. Before you define your perfect customer, make sure they’re the customer that needs your services enough to pay for them. 

Solve their problems

The key here is to provide a solution and explain it to the buyer in their language. But first, they need to find your answer to their problem, which is where SEO comes in. Figure out what query your ideal customer is searching that could lead them to you, and make sure you rank at the top of the organic search results for that page. 

This is also where understanding your competitors and obstacles comes in. You always want to write for the buyer first. But once that’s done, you need to make sure your copy is also optimized for search engines. Use plenty of keywords and links so Google can index your website and recommend it to searchers. 

As for knowing your competitors, if you know what they’re doing well, you can do it even better. However, if you take time to research them, you might also discover they’re not acknowledging an entire demographic that needs those services, or they’re pitching less profitable services. This gives you a clear entry point where you can prioritize SEO and maybe even get their customer’s attention. 

Be better than the rest

Now, that you’re done with most of the planning, it’s time to get on the field and start playing. High-volume publishing isn’t enough to win the top slot on organic search engine results pages (SERP) anymore. You need to provide high-value information that’s shareable, engaging, and different than anything your competitors are doing. But if you did the first three steps, you know exactly what your fans want and understand your competitor’s deficits. One of the smartest things you can record in your SEO playbook is your opponent’s strategy. Now, there’s no reason you can’t overtake your competitor by creating useful and engaging content that search engines and customers love. 

Dallas content marketing agency– We put the SEO playbook into action!

Developing the perfect SEO playbook can be a time-consuming process. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. That’s why Rise Local has a fully-staffed copywriting team to help local SMBs win over a competitive market. Our services essentially help you win the game without ever having to attend practice, weight lifting or agility sessions, or scrimmages. Sound interesting? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take down the competition.