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Stop The 2021 Instagram Algorithm Update From Burying Your Content

As we all know, Instagram no longer shows posts in reverse-chronological order. Yeah, we’re still sad about it too. These days Instagram’s algorithm chooses what gets seen, and what is hidden. Every time a user opens the app, the algorithm decides what to show. This includes everything from your newsfeed and stories to the Explore page. Instagram claims they implemented this change because people used to miss at least half of the posts that went up on the social media platform. Although, it seems most people believe their content is getting buried more now than ever before. So today we’re going to teach you how to beat the algorithm, show off your content, and build your brand

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Now, Instagram’s algorithm analyzes the user’s past behavior and predicts which content would be most interesting to them. But it doesn’t end there. Instagram actually analyzes a variety of factors including:

  • Your relationship and engagement history with the user
  • The number of people you follow and how much they publish
  • Interest in the content type (photo, live, reel, carousel post, etc.)
  • The length of time since it was posted
  • How frequently you check Instagram
  • The amount of time spent on the app each day

5 Hot Tips to Get Your Content Seen

If you’re tired of the Instagram algorithm constantly burying your content try out these 5 proven tips! You can also check out the tips the Instagram for Business account shared to help companies promote their offerings on the platform.

Carousel Posts

This is Rise Local’s number one social media hack for the day. While Insta’s algorithm likely doesn’t prioritize one type of content over another, carousel posts offer more opportunities for engagement. They allow you to share more details and angles of your content. Better yet, if you don’t get an interaction the first time someone sees your post you’ll likely get a few more chances! Every time someone who follows you opens Instagram, they will be shown the next image in the slide. This means you could have up to 10 opportunities to capture a potential customer’s attention. 

Post Consistently

Now, this doesn’t mean post constantly. Keeping up with social media can be tough. That’s why a lot of companies post in bursts and then go radio silent for months. To avoid this, plan ahead. Consider all of the content types you plan to share and start gathering media before you launch a new campaign. Once you have sufficient resources, figure out when you’re going to post and stick to that schedule every week! Then, your followers will know when you’ll post and what to expect. Consistency is important to growing a large and engaged following. 

Don’t Cheat the Instagram Algorithm

We highly recommend that you obtain your Instagram followers naturally. Don’t buy bots. This never ends as well as you think it will. First, it messes up your metrics. Most times, bots are just followers, i.e. they don’t engage. So when people come across your account, it will look a little fishy. If you’re only getting 10 likes on your posts, but you have over a million followers, you’re actually making yourself less credible and trustworthy in the eyes of customers. The Instagram algorithm also doesn’t like it. Their ranking is powered by machine learning and it’ll be able to figure out what you did, and you may lose visibility because of it. 

Experiment With New Features

Instagram is constantly introducing new features, and its goal is to make people stay on the platform longer. If you really want to give your content a boost, play their game. The Instagram algorithm will thank you for it. Try to make some reels, get creative with your Instagram stories, or even go live!

Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are a bit old school, but they can still be effective if you use them right. Hashtags allow you to target your ideal audience. To maximize your reach, split your hashtags in half. The first bunch of hashtags should be super popular. People use these a lot and you’ll get a lot of eyes on your content, even if it’s just for a few seconds. The other hashtags should be less trafficked. These are a slow burn and you’ll continue to get traffic from them for an extended period of time. 

Rise Local Will Help You Understand the Instagram Algorithm

The Rise Local social media team is social media savvy and ready to help you boost your account engagement. The Instagram algorithm is doesn’t stand a chance against us! Visit our Dallas office or schedule a virtual social media consultation today. Our whole team is at your disposal, and we’re ready to help introduce you to a whole new market on Instagram!

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