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Retargeting Ads Bring Shoppers Back to Your Website if They Leave Without Buying

Life gets hectic. Someone may be perusing your website with every intention of buying before something distracts them. Maybe they realize they’re late for work, the dog got loose, or the kids just broke something in the living room. Regardless, your business went from being at the forefront of their mind to being completely forgotten in a matter of seconds. If you don’t do something about it, that sale may be lost to you forever. That’s where retargeting comes in.

Cart abandonment is the bane of just about every e-commerce business’ existence. Unfortunately, the average cart abandonment rate across all industries hovers around 70%. That number is even higher for people who shop on mobile devices because people are less likely to buy something from a smaller screen since it’s harder to see. This is ironic as more and more people are shopping on their cell phones. 

Recapture Their Interest

Retargeting campaigns aka stalker ads get a bad rap because they’re seen as intrusive. But they really just remind former website visitors about what you have to offer and why they were interested in the first place. Businesses can show people who abandoned their carts text and media advertisements on the websites and social media platforms they frequent to pique their interest again. 

Retargeting campaigns are effective because they create more opportunities for you to connect with buyers and increase customer loyalty. It also makes your business appear to be more established because to the interested shopper, it looks like you’ve cornered the market. 

Retargeting Campaigns Are Great For Making Sales

​​Retargeting is a great marketing tool, but you have to pay your dues before you get to that point. You will need a fairly substantial following to even get started but you can speed up this process by creating an excellent user experience for shoppers. Create a beautiful website, keep up with social media posting, encourage customers to leave reviews, or whatever strategy works best for you. Ultimately, you need to start making sales and increasing your follower count so you can get started with ad retargeting. 

Each platform you use for ad retargeting will have different guidelines so it’s important to be prepared. For example, Google requires your website to have had at least 1,000 active visitors, in the previous 30 days and Facebook requires a minimum audience size of 100 people. Although, most social media platforms recommend waiting to start retargeting campaigns until you have 1,000-50,000 followers. 

What To Use Retargeting For

  • Show off bestsellers– You already know your existing customers love these products. You might as well target others in their demographic and boost your revenue. 
  • Promote new items– It’s a lot easier to sell to returning customers than new ones. If someone already bought into your company once, go ahead and put new products in front of them. 
  • Build brand awareness– Oftentimes, people won’t be ready to buy the moment they’re introduced to your brand. Retargeting gives them time to familiarize themselves with your company and gives the impression that you’re a big company that they can trust to offer high-quality products and services.
  • Get rid of extra inventory– Retargeting ads are pretty budget-friendly and a great option for getting rid of surplus products to make room for new stuff. 

How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting uses the cookie pop-ups websites ask people to agree to and show advertisements to them later. These cookies can also be small and unobtrusive pixels on your website that users never even notice. Cookies are essentially Javascript code that allows ads to “follow” your audience as they navigate the world wide web. Based on the websites they visit, it’s easy to determine what ads to show them and when. 

Is Retargeting Going Away?

Absolutely not! That’s like saying search engine optimization (SEO) went away just because digital marketers had to stop using spam practices. Things have changed, but retargeting and PPC campaigns are still great tools and highly effective when done right. 

Obviously, people don’t want to be bombarded with the same ad over and over again. Others value their privacy so it’s important to only send out information that the user would be interested in. Otherwise, they’ll feel like their privacy is being invaded just because they visited your site which could ultimately be detrimental to your business. 

Rise Local Paid Advertising Specialists

Retargeting can take your business to the next level and Rise Local is here to help you do it. Our full-service Dallas advertising agency can get your website and social media accounts to fulfill retargeting standards, insert Javascript into your website, and help target your ideal audience with hyperfocused retargeting ads. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.