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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Google My Business

Google My Business is an amazing marketing asset for any business. It’s simple to set up initially. All you need to do is create an account and claim your business. Then, local SEO begins its magic. However, GMB is actually more complex when you begin to use it. There are many common questions that business owners have when using this platform. Rise Local is here to answer some of these questions!

Is Google My Business Free?

Yes! You can list your business on GMB for free. Anyone can add a business, and it won’t cost a cent. Google is attempting to bring the physical world online, and your listing helps Google users find what they are searching for. And you get to tell your story at the same time!

Can Anyone Make Changes to My GMB listing?

Unfortunately, your listing is free game for everyone. Any person can go on your listing and suggest an edit. We suggest you log in weekly and also look for the from Google on your claimed and managed business listing and make any additional edits if it has been tampered with. Perform frequent Google My Business audits to ensure that no inaccurate edits were made. 

You might be wondering why Google would allow a random person to make changes so easily. If a company got full editorial control, they would be able to make a lot of spam edits, which is also a problem. Google wants to avoid spam as much as possible. If Google provides inaccurate results it has a major impact on users returning to Google Search.

What Are Some Major Mistakes Businesses Make on GMB?

Don’t ever encourage fake reviews on Google My Business. This tarnishes your reputation by decreasing its trustworthiness. You want your reviews to be an authentic representation of your business. If you don’t like the reviews you are getting or you aren’t getting enough, there is some internal work that needs to be done. Encourage employees to get reviews, since it is often easier to get a review for a person rather than a company. You will see your employee names and more honest reviews when employees work to earn them.

Pin your business location accurately on GMB. You don’t want to send potential customers to the wrong address. Making it easy to find you on Google Maps (and Apple Maps etc) will help you catch more customers with convenience.

You have up to 1,500 characters on your posts, but the character length is between 150-300 characters. Don’t waste your characters on too many hashtags. Over-hashtags hurt your business.

Local search presence optimization is a real thing. So is barnacle SEO. So are the other factors such as mobile load speed and core web vitals. GMB optimization benefits from a great website, accurate local citations, content and post publishing, and a myriad of local search ranking factor considerations. Trust us, you can’t spam your way to the top of the local search results anymore. Digital marketing has evolved.

Can Two Businesses Share the Same Location on GMB?

As long as these two businesses are legally independent, they can have their own Google My Business account with the same address. That means these businesses need to have their own telephone numbers, separate names, websites, and offer different services. If your business is a franchise you might have the same name across all locations, with and without a descriptor in the name, but you will benefit from having a unique number for each location.

Can You Respond to Customer Reviews on Google My Business?

When you are signed in to your Google My Business account, you can respond to customer reviews. Your reply will show up under your customer’s review on Google Search and Maps. It will be labeled as “response from owner.” It helps to respond to reviews and the impact is seen on those that engage with their Google My Business reputation.

Team Up with Rise Local 

Our expert marketing team at Rise Local can set up and manage your Google My Business. We will sign in regularly to publish posts and to run audits for any inaccurate edits. We offer a variety of digital marketing services, including content creation, website building, paid advertisement, and social media management. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll create a customized marketing strategy to reach your business’s goals.